You're in it for the long haul

Organic chemistry is typically known as a pre-med/health “weed-out” class. First semester is trying, but definitely doable. Second semester ... this is a bunch of new material plus the stuff from first semester. The second semester of Organic tends to test the weaknesses of even the “best” students. My advice: Stay organized, check out your school’s science resources (extra text books are great), read ahead of lecture, do plenty of practice problems (this is why an extra text book is great), meet with your professor (make sure they know you by name), don’t be afraid to ask questions (in or out of class), study this subject EVERY DAY (a little per day is better than a long day) and stay connected with an Organic Chemistry tutor. By all means ... I wouldn’t advise anyone to “cram” study for this course ... you’re in it for the long haul.


E.J. S.

Expert Instruction in Layman's Terms

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