Past tutoring success

I was a tutor for three years while I attended college to figure out what I most wanted to have as a career. I enjoyed tutoring so much I decided to seek an educational career. I now have a BA degree in Social Sciences and am trying to earn enough to continue my goal and become certified teacher. I am a substitute teacher for the Oologah/Talala public schools now, but I would love to become a full time teacher some day.

What experience made me realize that I wanted to teach? It was a card from a student that told me that she wouldn't have received the A in her class if not from my help. I gained many friends in college and those study groups I led were very fun. I had many self-satisfying moments when I helped students succeed in their classes. I only asked them to show up to my study groups twice a week and their grades improved if they followed my tips. This has been the best career for me and I hope some day to teach full time.


I am having fun sharing my knowledge with others! I love my job!


Susan J.

Math and English Tutor

5+ hours
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