Summer Reading Programs

Summer reading is underway across the upstate. Whether through school-assigned reading or local libraries, there's no better time to read. While it seems like a summertime homework assignment, summer reading is essential to keep students in the habit of reading, decoding, and practicing reading comprehension. If your child does not enjoy reading or has difficulty reading, try using local library programs to encourage reading. Most libraries offer children the chance to read for set amounts of time (usually 15 minutes) or a set number of books. If your reader struggles, using the time option can encourage them to read longer and more often. To make things even more encouraging, libraries set reading goals that children can obtain prizes for if they reach the goal. If children spend the summer reading, they may even read enough to win the State Reading Award medal. Either way, summer reading is a great way to help your children love reading and keep up with their reading skills.



April D.

Teacher with Experience in Public, Home, and Online School Classes

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