Highly Recommended Reading for Parents

Read!!!! A Sense of Wonder 



A simple suggestion to all parents, no matter what age your child is, although the younger the better. The book is also important for parents, and all people, since reminders throughout life of what is really important can be used by all of us, including tutors. Rachel Carson was an important woman in science during a time when women were still struggling to achieve equality. I think women are still not a strong component in the sciences and there are many articles and people doing research on this very subject. I still remember my senior math class that was predominantly young men.

She wrote one last book, but it was not about conservation and the concern about our environment as in Silent Spring. This last statement by a wise person with a gift for words tells us all the simple truth about learning. It surrounds us every moment that we live simply by using our senses and looking at the gift of nature that is our world. It reminds us that the curiosity of a child should never be neglected but instead be enhanced and explored with enthusiasm and excitement. Do not drown the natural questions and inquiry that each one of us may see in a moment, smell in the air, touch in the water, taste with a seed or hear in the wind.

Please find a copy of "The Sense of Wonder" by Rachel Carson published after her death. I have the book by the Nature Company but any one will do. The pictures may differ but the words are hers. Real learning happens every day, and the magic in nature is a continuing reminder for all of us!



Louise A.

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