Helpful Tips For A Busy Tutoring Week

The WyzAnt Staff invited me to share my moderately successful tutoring schedule, after arriving at 50 hours: I will be happy to share a few ideas that I have found helpful, noting however, that I still need to put into action many of WyzAnt's great ideas to promote my "shingle"!

What I have found to be helpful and practical are as follows:

1. Check the "Tutoring Jobs" menu frequently.

2. Certify, of course, in as many subjects as you may be interested in, especially fields of interest from college courses, teaching, etc.

[This may go without saying, but more opportunities are there with multiple certifications, and I mean more than 10: if you have multiple degrees or venues of studies in college, don't let those subject areas lie fallow, but activate and renew your interest in them via WyzAnt certification, and then be ready for tutoring therein!]

3. Take time on initial inquires from interested parents, to remind them that they must complete the WyzAnt Registration/Payment Plan before contact information can be exchanged, and assure them that you will call back ASAP when tel #’s are provided...

4. Try, try, try to book multiple hours / multiple sessions per week. [Also, prayer doesn't hurt - !]

Items I find myself forgetting to do are:

· Asking students to give me a "# - Star" rating: some do so without prompting, which is always encouraging.

· Using WyzAnt business cards; also, advertising.

· Asking students to recommend me via referrals: so far, I have been pre-Holidays busy, but due to Christmas / Winter Holidays break, it has slowed down, so “Need Tutoring” Ads might prove to be timely now!

All of the above are simply helpful ideas, and I am sure you all out there in WyzAnt Tutoring Land have already shared great ideas, so I will be interested to read yours as well.

Thank you,

David M.


David M.

David - Math & English Focus

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