Starting a new year.

Hello world this is Caylon here. I just got back on to this site after the summer. I shut my account off over the second half of the summer because it was going nowhere so I'm hoping now that the school year is starting that people will be a little more interested in tutors.

One thing if I can rant for a minuet. Stop looking for a last minute study buddy. Seriously the only posts I got over the summer where "I have a final in two days and I can only have a tutor over for one hour tomorrow get back to me now." Understand that we don't check our messages every hour and that we are a consulting business. It's not worth the time it takes to organize a tutoring session for us to do a one hour session one time; an hour a week is appropriate. Also it's wasting your time doing that because it will take several minuets for us to get to know each other and communicate what your needs are so that any learning can begin. I will do last kick study sessions if needed, but expect me to charge a higher premium.

The intent of, at least, my tutoring is to provide a resource that will help you learn better throughout the semester. Ideally you would be looking for a tutor because you are struggling in a class either because the material is hard or because your class is so large that asking for help is almost impossible. I expect to be treated like a study help such as a second text book or a study group. A different perspective on the subject or personal contact can sometimes make the difference between understanding the material or not, I can provide both.

I will be checking my messages at least three times a week (I do have my own life and homework to do), but if you want an immediate response you can submit payment information, you will be given my contact information, and you can text me. If I'm not in class or in a quiet area (cinema, church, meeting) I'll get back to you immediately.

I look forward to this semester and hope to hear from some of you soon.


Caylon W.

Caylon's Math/Science/Engineering Help (& French)

10+ hours
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