Another recommendation letter from a former student

June 5, 2012

To Whom It May Concern;

I am writing to recommend Kristan S. for a position as a Tutor. I have known Kristan for five years as a mentor and a colleague. As one of her intern students, Kristan has taught me about scientific techniques and theories applicable to biology, specifically neuroscience. Personally, she has acted as an academic adviser and role model to which I have molded myself by continuing my career in the scientific field. For these reasons, I am a witness to her profound abilities as an educator.

Kristan proves to be a caring, supportive, and thorough mentor. She shows genuine concern with the learning progress of her students and grants gradual independence according to each individual's development of skills. Kristan provides motivation and support in her students' presenting their research posters at university workshops and national symposiums, and further provides guidance in applying for travel scholarships. She goes above what is asked of a mentor by understanding and working around personal circumstances.

Kristan shows further commitment to education by participating in the outreach to students becoming aware and involved in science and research. She has been asked to present her work at many university poster sessions in order to spread the importance of research and advise undergraduates on their opportunities for professional school.

In summary, Kristan's giving personality, conscientiousness, and her ability to motivate others into pursuing further education and opportunities prove her to be a sound candidate for the tutor position. Please contact me personally if you have any further questions.

Cari S.


Kris S.

Dr. Kris (Life Science, Neuroscience)

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