Not just an Art Teacher

Who is Amanda O.? Just another art teacher in Philadelphia? I am indeed an art teacher in the Philadelphia School District, but am so much more than that. While some students have the misconception that teachers just hatch from an egg as is, we know that's not true. I have many parts to me, as I am sure you have to you. I am a world traveler, who loves exploring new places, but also loves home more than anywhere. I also truly love helping others. During the summers of 2004 and 2005 I was able to combine these two passions by volunteering for a Christian service group called Project Serve. Our Project Serve team went to a small village just outside of San Pedro Sula, Honduras those 2 summers to serve the people of a Christian Youth Camp. My team focused on building a dorm hall and establishing a clean drinking well. While it was incredibly difficult, both physically and emotionally, each time I traveled there shaped who I am today. While we worked 8 of the 10 days we were there, we had 2 vacation days where we could regroup, relax and see some very awesome things. We visited Mayan ruins both times we were there, as well as a beautiful island called Punta Sal, where we were able to hike through the rainforest and jump off a small waterfall. Our team was able to get clean water available for the youth camp and begin building a two-story dormitory. We also had the ability to reach so many families and children during our vacation Bible school sessions and donate toiletries, clothing and shoes. This was absolutely a shaping experience for me and only fueled my passion for helping and educating others.


Amanda O.

Fine Arts Tutoring by an Accomplished Artist & Educator

10+ hours
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