Active Reading Strategies

· Pre-Reading Strategies:

      -Question yourself:

              § What is the topic?

              § What do you already know?

              § What has already happened?

              § What do you think will happen?

     -Read headings:

              § What do you already know about the headings?

              § Turn headings into questions to be answered.

                     · What is...?

                     · Who is...?

                     · What happened in...?

                     · Why is...important?

   - Look at pictures:

             § What do you think the pictures show/tell?

             § Read captions.

   - Read special print:

             § Sentences within reading section bolded or in italics.

             § Read anything in the margins.

   - Look up unknown vocabulary.


· Reading Strategies:

   - Visualize:

            § What do you see when you read?

            § Describe how the setting and characters look.

   - Summarize:

            § Restate what you have just read.

            § Explain concepts out loud.

            § Answer heading questions you have created.

   - Question:

            § Why are certain actions happening?

            § What was important in the section you just read?

            § Does anything confuse you?

   - Make Predictions:

            § What will happen next?

            § What clues do you have for your prediction?

   - Connect:

            § Does the reading remind of you of anything in your life?

            § Do the characters remind you of anyone you know?

            § Does the reading remind you of anything you have read before?

            § Have you learned about this topic anywhere before?


· Post-Reading

   - Evaluate:

           § How do you feel about what you have read?

           § Can you explain what you read to someone else?

           § Make conclusions about what you have read.

   - Note taking:

           § Write details about important events and dates.

           § Write details about characters.

           § Write details about locations.



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