Summer - The perfect time to prep for the new school year!

The school year here in Hillsborough County is winding down! I look at the growth that my students have gained throughout the school year and it is always remarkable. The FCAT scores are pouring in, and this can be a time of anxiety for students, parents, and teachers. If your child is ending this school year with room to grow before the next school year, the summer is the best time to get caught up! If your child receives some extra assistance over the summer, there is a good chance that he or she may start the new school year ahead of the game! Students who do not use what they have learned over that 2 month period will have some relearning to do! If your child reviews and continues to learn they will surely start the new school year off on a good note. Some students may be reluctant to have a tutor, but it much less invasive to their summer than they may think! Tutors are a good alternative to summer school because you can plan around your schedule. Since the student is receiving concentrated attention, they learn more in a shorter period of time. I am able to start tutoring as soon as June 12th! I'd love to get my schedule started, catch me while I can still fit you in. Please email me with any questions that you may have. Please remember that you must have payment information on file with WyzAnt before I can speak with you on the phone or set up a time to meet!


Tricia L.

Experienced Teacher - Get RESULTS!!!

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