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Learning Difficulties Have No Age

Many people believe an adult with a learning disability or subject anxiety has it much easier than a child. This is absolutely not true. No matter what the age of the student, it is all too often that they will be bullied, on some level, because they have these challenges in their academic life. This unfortunately brings a problem that they have in school directly into every aspect of life. In literacy, for instance, a child who doesn't get the proper support during the difficult and nearly always painful process of overcoming a reading difficulty will compensate for this issue in ways that can affect their entire life, from sports to outings with friends.

What these students need to understand is that there is nothing to be ashamed of, no matter how old they are. Whether it be math, English, science, or even fine art, a student with a learning disability is not lost. There is always something they excel at. A very kind teacher once told me, in my nearly decade long struggle through college, that the problem these students face is the idea that everyone should be good at everything and if one student excels over another, the excelling student should be stifled so the other "doesn't get their feelings hurt." This is wrong and does neither student any good. Students who struggle in one area should be aided in not only excelling in their strong areas, but learning to use those strengths to support their weaknesses. Everyone can pass every subject with help, but not everyone is SUITED to all subjects. That realization is very freeing for a student struggling with a disability.


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