Games for learning

I learned pretty fast that games help a child retain their lessons better. It may seem that a game outside in the sunshine is a distraction from the lesson at hand but you'd be amazed at what they retain, and so much better than sitting at a desk. A fun game I used brought two elementary students together that had trouble in different areas related to English/Spelling. The little girl was in 3rd grade, and the boy in 5th. She had trouble remembering vocabulary and he had trouble with spelling. I took them outside on the playground and started them swinging on the swing set. I alternated between the two and had the boy describe one of the vocabulary words to the girl and then he would spell it for her. At the next week's session I would have her recite the words, one at a time, for him to spell, while they played on the see saw. I was there to correct mistakes but these two kids learned very quickly working together and by the end of the semester, both were excelling at their subjects, and just as importantly, they had a blast learning together.


Andrea K.

This Tutor Loves to Teach, and Has a Blast Doing It

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