2012 An Incredible time for Americans!

What an incredible time for Americans! 2012 ~ and we have the fantastic opportunity to choose our next president. However, this is definitely NOT a blog about who to vote for at election time. We are currently inundated with political ads, speech, debates, news updates, flyers, phone calls and television commercials about the candidates. ENOUGH, I say! I do believe this is a great time in our history to reflect on the opportunity we have in this country to choose, peacefully, the leaders that will take us through the next four years. With unrest, revolt and violence rampant in many parts of our world, it is a true blessing to have both the right and responsibility to share political ideas, discuss change, and be a part of the representative democracy known as the United States of America. I am reminded of an idea my father, a lawyer, judge and politician used to share: "Our country faces challenges, but we have, by far, the best government ever created, thus far! I couldn't agree more~



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