How to prepare for the GED

Passing the GED test earns a student his or her high school diploma, and for most students this is a multi-step process. I am familiar with the GED because I have helped prepared students enrolled in GED classes and also privately for many years. The GED requires high school level skills in five separate areas: writing, math, science, social studies, and literature. Three of the tests: science, literature, and social studies are reading based tests, so the first and most important step is to determine the reading level of the GED candidate. This cannot simply be assumed. Many high school students read below level and without at least 10 - 12 grade reading, success on the GED will not be possible. Once a student reads at high school level, the next step is to determine subject area knowledge in science, social studies, literature, writing, and math. A student must understand high school level content in biology, chemistry, psychology, American history and government, geography, along with world history, algebra, geometry, advanced math, literary components and be able to write a cohesive essay. Preparation and time frame are dependent on a student's skills and knowledge base. The good news is that with careful assessment of skills, knowledgeable instruction in the areas needing review, a true commitment to put in the time to master missed skills, and a willingness to learn new concepts, most all students can and will succeed!



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