The "Sport" of Test Taking

The "Sport" of Test Taking?? Is test taking really a sport? ABSOLUTELY! When students label themselves "not good test takers" what they really mean is that they are anxious and uncomfortable when challenged by an exam, quiz or major test. Why are they challenged? More often than not, they have do not have mastery of the skills involved and strategies for success. Both are essential to achieve success in the educational arena. They are co-partners in the educational sport of successful test taking. Just like peanut butter and jelly, it takes both to make the sandwich.

Basketball, football, lacrosse are all sports that require both skill and strategy. Our star athletes achieve success with years of dedicated practice in their sport of choice and understand well the strategies involved in reaching the pinnacle of their sport. Test takers achieve success when they approach a subject like an athlete with determination to master a skill, and the strategies involved. As skills are mastered, confidence builds, anxiety lessens and success ensues. I have seen it time and time again!



Ann S.

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