The Road to Success

Students often want assistance just before a major test or exam. While this approach is understandable, it's often not very effective. Last minute attempts to master large amount of subject material are what I call the band aid attack! Essentially, this is cramming and cramming seldom results in meaningful learning or true mastery for most students. The grade may show some short term benefit but with the next exam arrives the same challenges and anxieties. While strong students can often pull off a cram session that may result in a high grade, struggling students seldom can. The true road to success for most students starts days or even weeks, occasionally months before an important test or major exam. The key is first to identify what each student knows, focus on what needs to be learned, and then review in "chunks" of information and time so the material can be absorbed and mastered. With the identifying, focusing, and chunking of info and time the Road to Success will be a much more positive one!



Ann S.

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