ESL for Saudi Arabian 2nd grader

Today I had an English speaking/reading tutoring session (ESL) with an 8 year old from Saudi Arabia. The session lasted 2.5 hours. He was enthused throughout the entire lesson's duration. He loved being video taped while reading, and then viewing his work. His family enjoyed it too. I downloaded them his video files, and now he and they can refer to them as many times as they would like for practice. His next learning assignment, if we are to continue, will be to write a short script of his choice, and to act it out for the camera! This is a fun exercise, which engages the student to want to be challenged with a new language. It's creative and a non-threatening type of exercise; therefore, has the potential to really influence one's rate of absorbing new information. Also, with taping oneself, a student is able to learn great presentation skills in the process.



Monique L.

Mathematics BA & MFA in Theatre (Right / Left Brain Tutor)

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