Professorship Trajectory


While working on two master's degrees, I'm also working at Valencia College with the West Campus Writing Center. Last semester was my first semester working with the school, so I was allocated 17.5 hours per week to work in the Writing Center; this semester--because of my performance last semester--I have been given the maximum: 29 hours per week! I love my job, and it is very rewarding to have students come back and thank me for helping them get A's on their papers. This job is hard work at times but worth every second just to know that I'm helping others better themselves. :)


I'm glad to see that working in the writing center has been such a great experience for you! I have just accepted my first position as a writing consultant in the UCF/BCC university writing center. I'm very excited about this opportunity for academic and professional development! Best wishes for your future professorship.

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