Quizzes - the perfect feedback tool for a teacher

Remember those umpteen quizzes (including those dreadful pop-quizzes) our teachers used to give us in school and college? They are a valuable feedback tool for the teacher. They tell the teacher how well the student has grasped the concept taught and hence the effectiveness of the teaching. I returned today after giving my student a quiz. I realize that we need to work on the current topic a little more before taking it to the next level. I would love to give out a quiz that is interesting to the student and fun to do. Rather than ask straight-forward questions, I want to test how well the student can apply the concept in a situation similar to but not exactly the same as what was taught in class. Puzzles, jumbled letters to be straightened out can be used for languages. Interestingly worded problems, fill in the blanks kind of questions would make math-testing fun. Experiments and real world application of concepts can be used to test science understanding. The quizzes when graded, give the teacher an insight into what areas need more focus in future class sessions. The importance of quizzes can never be underestimated!

Comments is an excellent, simple free quizzes creator. The students love it. So is Quiz, recommended below. Not sure it is free.


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