New to Wyzant!

WyzAnt is a new connection arena for me. I have had so many enjoyable work experiences in my life and the common thread has been the wonderful connections I have made with people in each of those experiences. I am confident that this new venue will be no different. My experience as a counselor has given me many skills to work with people and bring out the best in them in whatever area of life they desire. The work I've done as an English teacher has been quite similar. Humans long for a variety of communication to connect with others, do a better job or to express something deep inside themselves. It is so rewarding for me to see someone succeed in learning something new, whether about their own inner workings in a counseling session or improved communication in an English lesson. It is my great joy in life to co-create mutually beneficial human connection.


Dawn W.

Master's level tutor for Elementary Ed and ESL/TOEFL

20+ hours
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