What makes a great teacher?

The reason I know I will be one of the best teachers is due to my passion for education and for teaching the youth. I chose to go into secondary education because I feel that this age is the most crucial time in a young emerging adult’s life; they are so moldable and need positive guidance to help shape them. These students need teachers who care about them and about their success. They need passionate teachers who will make the learning fun and memorable. I believe in holding a professional and respectful relationship with my students in which I have established appropriate boundaries. My students will feel that they come to me for any needs they have and will automatically have my respect. I am extremely passionate about educating the youth and I absolutely love working with children. They are our country's and our world's future. They need good teachers and role models who are there for their benefit.


I teach adults as well as children, so I look upon being a great teacher from a different point of view. To me it is such a complex arrangement of qualities and preparation that combine to make a great teacher and I won't pretend to note them all here. I think FLEXIBILITY is a key word: Being able to switch gears in mid-lesson if what you prepared isn't working and in the process be able to let go of one's own ego in order to focus better on this particular student in this particular moment. Another key word for me is PERSONAL, making the lesson personal for the student, that is. Any information that comes to the student in a way to which he can relate on the level of personal experience will be information that sticks around.


ELanae J.

Kind & Qualified Tutor: B.S. A.A. Theatre, Speech, Voice, English

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