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How I came to be a tutor

My professors throughout college came from many diverse social, political, and economic backgrounds but they all shared one thing in common. They shared the belief that one cannot claim mastery of a subject until they are able to teach it to others. I didn't have to give their proclamations much thought to see the truth in their words.

Being a dedicated computer science student, I wanted to do well in school and gain a better comprehension of the material I was learning. I decided that I'd experiment with tutoring some of my classmates that were struggling in the programming classes I was taking. I quickly realized that not only were my abilities improving, but the grades of my classmates were improving as well; My professors were right! I realized that I had a knack for helping others and that I relied less and less on my own reference materials because the information I was absorbing was always fresh in my mind. Teaching others really does lead to a mastery over the subjects your studying!

I eventually became the go-to-guy for help and advice in my website design class, as well as all my programming classes (i.e. Assembly Language, Procedural Programming, Java Programming, HTML, and Data Structures). This new position was sometimes burdensome because it began to take up much of my time. People starting expecting of me, and they were getting upset if I couldn't help them when I was busy with my own class assignments. That is when I realized that I couldn't keep helping everybody whenever they needed it, although I enjoyed it, I was just too swamped with requests. Finally, I decided the best way to continue to tutor my peers would be by joining the student-tutor center at my college. Through that position I was able to continue to tutor my classmates, albeit only during certain times of the day, and I could make money at it in the process! This increased my incentive to go above and beyond the fundamentals they were teaching in college in order to become marketable to a wider audience. I recently started a website that is under construction at the moment. It will soon have a wide variety of free programming tutorials and source code available for download so potential programmers like yourselves can learn on your own time. I also planned on allowing visitors to register so they can sign up for private lessons if they so desired but now I found WyzAnt.

I can now earn money as a tutor on WyzAnt, and hopefully gain enough students to earn a reasonable income while I work my way towards a Bachelor Degree in Computer and Software Engineering at NJIT. My website is still my pride and joy and I'll continue to update it as I find time. Although, I plan on using WyzAnt as the main point of entry into my educational services, I see no reason why I shouldn't eventually integrate my webpage into this service. The goal I have in mind is to create a seamless collaboration of both and my personal website in order to provide a richer educational process where students have access to free software, source code, and technology blogs that will accelerate the learning process.

What it all translates to in the end is more bang for the students buck. Not many tutors on this site are willing to provide that level of dedication because they're not as technologically savvy or have yet to see the benefits in putting in the extra work.

- Tony T.


Anthony T.

Advanced Mathematics and Computer Programming Tutor, A.S in Comp Sci