So far, so good.

I just wanted to take the time to write about the benefits of tutoring that I have discovered this summer. I have tutored more in the past few months than I have previously and I've found that I learn a lot from the students while they are trying to learn from me. I never had much interest in educating others until recently; my friends kept coming to me for help in all sorts of subjects and I found that helping them with their homework was both a great learning experience and also quite engaging.

It surprises me how invested I become with the students I work with. I get so excited for my students when they get a test back and have improved their grade or when they tell me I explained something in a new way that really clicked. Tutoring is such a rewarding experience and I am so glad that I decided to invest some time in seeking out long-term (or at least what I consider long-term for tutoring) opportunities so that I can really get to know the students I work with and their learning styles.

Overall, I recommend tutoring to anyone that is passionate about an academic subject. I have learned a lot about my own knowledge as I have sought to expand that of my students.


Shayna M.

Mathematics Student at U-M

5+ hours
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