If You Could Do Anything You Wanted to Do

I saw the most amazing YouTube type video last night about a man from another country who was born without arms or legs. He gives motivational talks, and what impressed me about what he said was how we can do whatever we really want to do as long as we don't give up. This man was seen swimming (and I should make that all caps) in deep water, and doing all kinds of things we think only people with all their limbs and faculties can do. What an amazing and inspirational lesson in life this man provided.

I remember as a young girl, hearing my mom tell me when I would tell her there was something I couldn't do, "There is no such word in the English dictionary as 'can't!'" How that lesson stuck in my mind all these years and helped me to accomplish things I certainly didn't believe I could do, let alone what anyone else might have thought. Here I am at 70 years old, with a very full list of accomplishments and still going. Perhaps what helped me was remembering that lesson, and not being afraid to ask people to "show me how to do it." If you can do that with a tutor, you will go far in your life. We can't always do it all by ourselves, but we CAN do it if we ask someone to "show us how to do it." I am so grateful that throughout life, I have found good tutors willing to "show me how I could do it." And the odd thing is that they always found ways to make the most difficult things seem easy. Perhaps I only thought of how to do it the hard way, but the tutors always seemed to know a better way that worked for me. Sometimes we had to try more than one way before one worked for me, but there was always a way that did work.

I truly believe that there is no such word as "can't," and that with a good tutor, you CAN do what you want to in life as long as you are willing to work with your tutor and let him or her know if a particular way isn't working for you.



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