It's All About the Money ...

How many of you make a decision of whether to be tutored or not based on finances? I am quite certain that is an issue for many of us today.

First of all, don't give up if the tutor's rate is more than you have in your budget. If you want a particular tutor, write to WyzAnt and the tutor to see if a different rate can be negotiated. Secondly, keep in mind that many of the tutors are going to give you more than you are paying for. It might be that "staying ten or fifteen extra minutes" so that you can finish a particular task, or perhaps giving you extra assistance via the phone or Internet for which you may not be charged. Most of the tutors are totally dedicated and committed to making sure you or your children will succeed, so they will put in that extra mile for you.

Secondly, this is your life, or that of your children you are investing in. It is not a simple expense. It is an investment in the future and in your future success and satisfaction on life that you are paying for. Consider it like your life bank. Every cent you spend is going to come back to you three-fold in the long-run. Tutoring isn't just about what is happening at this moment; it has everything to do with how you are going to do in the pursuit of your happiness for the rest of your life.

So before you opt out with a tutor because of the tutor's charge, consider these things. Also look at the fact that the tutor does not get the entire amount; WyzAnt gets a percentage for helping us to find the jobs, for doing background checks and subject certification so that you are ensured a good and safe tutor. And the tutor might have to drive quite a distance, up to 40 miles or so, just to get to your location. So please consider that and don't just think about the initial charge. As I noted, most of us are willing to negotiate with you on the rate, and also, some of us will work quite successfully with more than one student at a time to help you to save money.

In today's society, the more skills you have and the better you do with your exams and school, the better chance you have of doing something more satisfying in your life. WyzAnt allows us to represent ourselves with our rates based on our overall experience, so remember that if you are paying a little more, you are getting more for your money.


I love your post and it is exactly how I feel. Thanks for making a very important point.

Thank you very kindly, Robert, for your nice comment. I think many people seeking a tutor don't realize the expenses we all have to deal with just to get to our tutoring sites. They are not always (and probably rarely) in our own neighborhoods. And we had to do a lot of schooling ourselves to get to the stage where we CAN tutor and do a great job.

Anne, You pointed out the importance of quality content, Tutor experiences, extended privileges of using Tutors that may have higher fees versus others that are cheaper. In every business, there is always a privilege for paying higher cost in getting better results. I agree with you ..

Thank you very kindly, Juntee. Great post. It is an honor and pleasure to meet my fellow tutors.



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