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I figured I would give this a try.....

I found this site when I was signing up for a professional graduate student website. I decided to check it out. I enjoy teaching/training others, and part of my job requires that I do just that. I know that studying can be "boring" but it doesn't have to be. There are some techniques that can be applied so that you don't feel you have to memorize the entire book. It all depends on how you learn best. One thing that always helps for studying is good note taking. When you take notes your professor/teacher usually goes over the important topics they intend to cover on the exam. If you have taken good notes you can make sure to review those topics and understand them. There are portions of every text book that is "fluff". Meaning it doesn't have any real purpose for being in the book other than to make the book longer, or to give an example of a concept. I don't worry about the fluff, instead I concentrate on the topics I think the professor is going to test on. If you have never had a certain professor before, it is always possible to get copies of past tests, talk to former students, find out how they test. Ask for a review session in class before the exam so you can get an even better idea of the most important concepts.

When it comes down to actually studying for the exam it all depends on how you learn. If you have tons of memorization and try to memorize by reciting and re-reciting the definition you probably wont get far. Instead make up a word, for example EBITDA, EBITDA is an accounting term that stands for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. It is easy to remember a word and associate a concept to each letter. Now in this example you just need to know what earnings are, what interest is, taxes and so on...

There are different methods for different people so find what works best for you, and if you need help let me know.


Scott R.

4.0 graduate student in accounting and finance and did I mention...

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