Thankful to Lisa for her patience, knowledge and desire to pinpoint James' needs

"Lisa tutored my son, James, for two years through his 5th grade year, during the summer before 6th grade and the whole year of 6th grade. Lisa asked me what areas James needed help in, and then she got in contact with his teacher and stayed in contact throughout the whole school year. She gave me feedback on what the teacher's concerns were. She worked with James on the projects he was dealing with in his classroom. On the days he did not have anything, she had resources/writing activities prepared for him to work on. She is on time, patient and never in a hurry to see James go. Lisa showed concern and asked questions. She kept communication open with me. I always knew what they had worked on, or even what I could work on with him, or what he needed to finish. James felt comfortable with Lisa. She was enthusiastic about his progress. I could sense the build up of pride that James had when Lisa went over what they did that hour. The papers that James wrote with Lisa are his best writings. I have kept them and shared them with our family. James is now at a point where he is able to write a 5-paragraph essay on his won. There are still issues with his paragraphs, but we are thrilled with the progress he has made. I am a mother of 3 children, and I was finding that I did not have the time to focus on James in the way that he needed, so you can imagine how thankful and grateful I am to Lisa for her time, patience, knowledge and desire to pinpoint James' needs and work toward grade level writing. Lisa did more than I expected. Thank you Lisa. Whoever crosses your path will gain from it."

Rachel from Laguna Niguel, CA


I am a father looking for a tutor to tutor my daughter in college level writing. She did not do well enough to stay in Perimeter due to failng the exit exam. This is primiarily due to the processing deficit she has had since birth and speech issues (pre-clampsia). It is quite obvious to me that her deficits in writing (grammar, word usage, writing in compelete thoughts)have come back to haunt her. Also, I never really felt her teachers prepared her well in this area (english and writing skills) and it is looking like I was correct. She never mised a day from school, acutually since pre-K and received the only award of its kind from Loganville High School when she graduated with perfect attendance (13 not 12 years). She wants to be a nurse but she has hit a road block. She needs to tutoring to help her with her confidence in wriitng and new and improved study skills could help as well. She did graduate with honors and had the Hope Scholarship, which she has now lost. Any assisstance or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.


My son is junior in high shcool, his SAT reading and math are good, but writing was not getting good score. Anyone has experience to help him improve his SAT writing score? Please conect me. Thanks!


Lisa O.

Credentialed Tchr/Experienced Tutor K-8 Math/Rdg/Vocab/Grammar

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