How Can I Make Math Fun for my Child?

Math is a language all of its own. For many people who enjoy reading and writing may be challenged with math and science. But, when you make games and adventures with these concepts in mind, it’s much easier for your child to learn.

Take multiplication for instance. Many of us were told to memorize a table of numbers, practicing over and over again by looking, using flashcards, and taking timed tests. What if, instead, you used popcorn and four napkins to show the fours’ times table? Try some games, ask questions on your visit to the park. “I see seven children playing, how many legs do seven children have (2x7)? A few years ago, one of my second graders, Trevor introduced me to Take a few minutes to check it out and have some fun!

Oh, here are some other links my students really enjoyed. We played Stop the Clock on

There are tons of lessons on IXL sorted by grade level:

BrainPop has dozens of free mini movies to learn different concepts in all subjects. Math mini movies include angles, comparing prices, and interest. Tallying charts & bar graphs is available on BrainPop Jr.

Keep Learning!


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