Great start!

I am so excited to start tutoring with WyzAnt! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am very happily married, for almost 14 years, to a man who is mentally disabled. He is the love of my life. Together, we have an almost 9 yr old daughter who has severe ADHD and mild autism. I homeschool our daughter because the local public school wanted to place her in the Special Ed classroom. I knew that that was not what she needed - she simply needed for someone to think outside of the box and teach her differently. We have worked hard this year and the school is amazed at the progress she has made. I received my Associate of Arts degree in January from the University of Phoenix and will begin my Bachelor's program in April. My goal is to receive my teaching certificate and to open a learning center for children like my daughter who fall between the cracks of public school. Whether it is through tutoring or homeschooling, I hope to reach as many children as possible and watch the light bulbs go on above their heads!



Kim M.

New tutor wants to help your child succeed!

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