Guided Reading Lesson

Today was an exciting day with the girls! I planned so many activities that I believe they really enjoyed. First, they had to make words from the words: Beach Vacation. I should have given them the scrabble pieces to use to help them put the letters together, but I didn't want it to take too much time. Then, I found the book Pip and Squeak in the library and played the CD for the girls to listen to and follow along. As they listened to the CD, they also completed a graphic organizer essential for their understanding of the story. They the girls were split up.

One went on the computer, while I worked with the other. It was difficult trying to do a running record and a guided reading lesson at the same time, but I feel I did a pretty good job. First, I introduced some vocabulary words in the book, built background knowledge by writing "treat" on a dry erase board, and had her sound out the letters. We discussed some treats she has had before and listed them on the board. I introduced the book: A Sweet Tale and the author. We went over that it was a fiction book because it was an bear cooking and talking. Some areas where I would improve would be to use a colored book, record exactly what I want to say and make steps, continue to model and show Think-aloud, and allow time for questions about the reading and reflection. There is definitely not enough time to complete everything, therefore, I believe it important to ask a question or two after each page. The vocabulary activity helped the student stay focused and remain on task. She also completed a worksheet that emphasized the short /o/ sound which she really enjoyed.

Then, I worked with the 2nd grader. We went over the vocabulary, built background knowledge by asking about a time she went to the zoo and to name some of the animals she saw. We went over the title and author of the book, as well as the genre before she read.We did a quick picture walk which was fine because we used a graphic organizer to record the main ideas and the details. She answered everything right and worked neatly. Again, I need to pace myself and make sure to set a purpose with the student so they know why we are reading the book. I also need to model and Think-aloud more to make sure they are making connections as they read.She practiced reading words with the long /i/ sound. Then, they both worked together writing a sentence using their vocabulary word and writing it on a sentence strip. Next time, they have to write it in pencil first and then marker. I forgot to emphasize that point. We practiced reading and writing sight words. The 1st grader struggled a bit here, but the 2nd grader went through them easily which I noticed right away and had to challenge her to use the word in a sentence. Then, we played Around the House Jingo which continued to keep the students learning while having fun! Great Day!


Victoria T.

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