Tough Day...

I just spent almost 2 hours helping people with Chemistry labs. Normally I do not find that so exhausting except that these people also wanted me to help them with a paper on the book "Heart of Darkness."

For those of you who have not read the book, it is very good but quite exhausting! The different symbols and interpretations just on Kurt's last words before death alone are a lot of material to cover. Then you have to analyze the two women in Kurt's life and how they differed and which one he preferred. :O I felt like I gave about 10 theories for each theme of the book to write. I can't help it! I know the piece so well, and so I feel like I am compelled to say everything I can but at the same time, I (and I'm sure the students writing hands were as well) am tired.

I am thinking about making packets to give to students who are thinking about taking AP exams on literature and these kinds of books.

Here is a list of books I'm thinking of:
The Handmaid's Tale
The Grapes of Wrath
A Clockwork Orange
Brave New World
The Great Gatsby
All the King's Men
Animal Farm
The Stranger

Those are some that I know have been on AP exams numerous times. Also, I think they are books that most people will be introduced to in Rochester Public education, so they will have some memory of it and this packet will just help them remember the details. Will try it out with these students who say their next book is Animal Farm.


Feona P.

Passionate Tutor

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