Summer Strategies for Staying Sharp

Summertime is here and you students are breathing a sigh of relief - no more math for a few months! Well, may I make a suggestions ... To those of you who dread math, I suggest that you keep your skills sharp throughout the year - including summer. In my experience, students who set aside some time to review math concepts over the summer start the new school year in a much stronger position to succeed. I'm not suggesting that you labor over numbers for an hour every day. In fact, I strongly suggest taking June off completely. Get that much needed brain rest :) But, when July 1 rolls around, get ready to start reviewing. Start with the areas you are comfortable with first - brush off the cobwebs and get your confidence going. Then, start looking ahead at the skills that you will need for the coming school year and decide which skills you need to practice. If you would like a cheerleader and guide to summertime math, I am available and eager to help you position yourself for a great start to the new school year. Just send me an email and we can set up some time to work - I'll make it fun! 1-2 hours a week is a good goal. In the meantime, enjoy your summer and use sunscreen!!


Lee Ann T.

Everyone can do Math! Grades k -10 tutoring

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