Celebrating your ADHD, LD, Special gifts!

Celebrating our gifts can be a good way to put things in perspective. Sometimes I ask myself if my life would be different if I didn't have ADHD. Well, yes, it probably would look very different! Would I want that though? Not really. What I hope to do in this blog, is to share why having a learning difference, special need, ADHD, LD, or anything that makes us different can be celebrated. Since most of us reading this are raising children with learning differences, I hope to help you celebrate that as well. Sometimes humor helps, sometimes just knowing you are not alone in this helps. I have ADHD and I decided to make a difference in peoples lives so they would not feel bad about who they are. I grew up feeling like I had to prove my worth daily. I was the last to finish most of my assignments, or worse turned them in late. I would try to focus on my HW, but drift off into a more interesting world inside of my head. I managed to do well in school through sheer persistence. I love helping kids, adults, anyone with learning differences, because I have a good idea of what they are going through. Having so much to offer the world and not knowing how to demonstrate that knowledge in a classroom can be incredibly frustrating. Today, I want to say hang in there. Don't give up! Every few days I will share as much as possible to encourage you, as you encourage me with your stories, trials and triumphs.


Liz C.

Special Education Tutor and Mentor

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