My Rate and Fee Structures

This blog post is meant to be a definitive pricing policy for all students and potential students. Inasmuch as this blog post will be kept up to date as my pricing policies evolve, it is to be considered at all times to be the final authority as to your financial obligations as a student. Exceptions to this pricing policy may be agreed upon in instances of demonstrated financial need or for other reasons; all such exceptions shall be detailed in writing, so that both myself and the student are clear upon what is expected of both parties. If, at any time, I plan to make a change to my pricing policy, I will inform all current students. For changes that would result in an increase to the financial expectations of a student, current students will NOT have to pay the adjusted rates/fees for any subjects they are currently taking with me. Any future subjects they wish to enroll for will have their rates/fees assessed at whatever the price listed in this blog post is at the time of enrollment. For changes that would result in a decrease to the financial expectations of a student, current students will, effective starting the first lesson after the change, have their costs assessed based upon the new, lower rates/fees.

If you have any questions regarding my pricing policy, please feel free to message me through WyzAnt; I am always happy to answer any questions you might have.


My basic hourly rate is $20.00 USD per hour. You are able to purchase discount packages through WyzAnt that can reduce your hourly cost to as low as sixteen dollars per hour. In addition to the discount packages WyzAnt offers, I offer a group rate. My base rate increases by $5.00 USD per hour for each student beyond the first, to a maximum of three students. With three people, this means an effective cost of $10.00 USD per hour, per student. That's a 50% price reduction in my basic hourly rate. If you are interested in taking advantage of my group rate, please notify me during our initial correspondence; I will be happy to set it up for you.


I assess a $5.00 USD increase to my basic hourly rate when I have to travel to another location for lessons; lessons held at my home in Las Vegas do not incur this extra fee. In addition, any lesson for which a student does not appear, and fails to provide me with at least two hours notice (barring proven medical emergencies and things of that nature, over which the student clearly has no control) will be charged at half-time. If such a situation has come up, and you were unable to provide the minimal notice required, please submit any supporting evidence to your claim to me either in person or via email, and this charge will be waived.


I want my students to be successful. I want them to be happy. I want to encourage them to come back to me with their tutoring needs, again and again. For those reasons, I have created a special personal incentive program to encourage more and repeat business. Any student who has completed 20 paid hours of tutoring with me will receive a $1.00 USD reduction to my basic hourly charge for my services, which shall apply to all future tutoring sessions. This reduction shall be assessed again at 50 hours and 100 hours, for a maximum reduction of $3.00 USD off of my basic hourly rate. It's my way of saying thank you. Further, any student who participates in my feedback program (requires filling out a small survey at the end of each course and granting me permission to use the results in my advertising) shall be given a $10.00 USD cash incentive at the end of their course. Should you plan to take advantage of this offer, please let me know before the end of our final session in a given course. Also please keep in mind that feedback should be HONEST... Constructive criticism is as useful (if not more so) than praise.


While my rates are significantly lower than the industry standard, sometimes you get behind the eight ball, and you cannot meet your financial obligations. For students suffering demonstrated economic hardship, I am willing to negotiate my fees. If you feel you have a situation that constitutes demonstrated economic hardship, please come to me to discuss it, and be sure to provide me with any supporting documentation. If we agree upon a rate reduction, you will be provided with written notice of your personal hourly rate, of which I shall keep a copy for my own records, and your hourly rate will be IMMEDIATELY adjusted within the WyzAnt system.


By enrolling in study courses with me through, you are agreeing to be bound by all of the policies expressed herein. You also further agree to provide any required evidence to sustain a claim of legitimate payment from your WyzAnt account for my services. You also agree that the policies listed herein apply only to tutoring services secured through WyzAnt, and that any personally contracted services that you may choose to avail yourself of may be governed by other rules, of which you shall be notified should you choose to do so.


Michael G.

Tutor Specializing in English/Social Studies

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