What Does "Dale" Mean?

Listening to the radio, I noticed that the expression "dale" (pronounced dah-lay) has become much more common. Not only do I hear it used in songs, but the DJ's are also fond of saying it! I love saying it because it is very enthusiastic and fun. Apparently, Pitbull loves to say it, too. Now, you are probably curious what "dale" means.

"Darle a alguien" means to hit someone. Da means give, but when combined with le, it's like saying "Hit it!" However, translating it literally makes no sense. You have to think about it in Spanish and then consider what the best English equivalent would be. I can think of several phrases that we use in English to substitute "¬°dale!": Come on! Work it! Yeah! You get the idea. It's a phrase of encouragement and enthusiasm. To get a better understanding of the phrase, check out some of the links below. Use your judgment because everyone translates differently and not everyone understands each language equally.

Word Reference Dale Converstaion (

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