Creating Study Techniques to Tackle Any Subject

A study techniques can be utilized to tackle any subject, especially when you are required to retain information on multiple subjects. There are many techniques that can be used and some of which I found helped me survive both undergraduate school and graduate school. I've listed some of them below for you and provide an explanation of each.

1. Mnemonics or mnemonic device - is a learning technique that aids memory. To improve long term memory, mnemonic systems are used to make memorization easier. They do so by increasing efficiency of the process of consolidation of facts and information. This process involves the conversion of short term memory to long term memory.

2. Outlining - This should be a two step process. You should begin outlining at the beginning of the course and continually updating the outline as the course proceeds. During your finals week, you should then take your long course outline and condense it down to a two page key word memory jogger or concept jogger outline that will jog your memory from your long outline. I recommend coupling outlining with color coding to reinforce your memory.

3. Color coding key concepts, words, theories, etc. - This is a technique that you start at the beginning of the course. You designate specific colors for key concepts, words, theories, facts, etc. I recommend you use the same color system for all subjects to avoid confusion. By having a color coding system, you can then pull those items based on colors and develop flashcards, story boards and trivia games with them.

4. Flashcards - It is the tried and true learning technique. I recommend coupling flashcards with the above three techniques to reinforce your memory.

5. Story Boards - Creating a story board that requires you to explain or teach others is a way of reinforcing your memory. The idea here is to divide your subject based on the professor or teacher's course outline, then tell stories that illustrate the key concepts and theories while using the course vocabulary or buzz words.

4. Trivia Games - This can be a useful way of utilizing a study group. Each person is assigned a chapter in the book or a section on the professor or teacher's course outline then is required to develop questions and answers to the study group. Each person must be able to pinpoint the answer in the text book or in the course materials.


Anne B.

Legal - Graduate Tutor

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