I'm a Word Dynamo! Are you?

While looking up a word on today, I discovered they have a new site called Word Dynamo! Intrigued, I took their quiz. Then I took another. And another. Until I reached the highest level they currently have, granting me the title of Word Dynamo.

So why is this of any interest? Because it turns out that this site is a terrific way to not just test your own vocabulary skills, but also to build them.

There are quizzes and vocabulary-building lessons aimed at all levels, from grade school through "beyond college." There's even special sections for working on the vocabulary portions of standardized tests, including the SAT.

Give it a try -- this site might be a great way for your or your child to work on your word prowess. It's at

You, too, can be a Word Dynamo!


Virginia B.

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