Beating Summer Learning Loss

Summer learning loss can affect everyone. Teachers must spend quite a bit of time in the beginning of every year reviewing to get students past the summer slump. There are a variety of ways you can keep yourself or your child from losing to much ground over summer. One of the best ways to keep the brain sharp and active is to keep reading both fiction and nonfiction literature at or above grade level. Even if it is only 25 minutes a day, you will keep the reading skills sharp and continue to learn new things. I also found out that Barnes and Nobles is offering a free new book reward to children who read 8 books. You can check out their website or visit the nearest store for more information. Whether in a cool place during the heat of the day, or as part of the night time relaxation, reading for 25 or more minutes is possibly the best time investment you can make.

There are also many kinds of puzzles you can practice solving such as Suduko to keep the math and problem solving skills up to par. This being the wonderful time of highly accessible internet options, you can always check out sites like Study Island to help catch up on or advance specific skills. Public libraries also offer special events in which to keep the brain engaged. I am planning on going to one on astronomy next week Visiting museums and other educational places while on vacation is also helpful. Journaling about your summer adventures is a great way to keep writing skills fresh. You can then turn your journal into a letter, e-mail, or blog. Please edit your writing before sending it to everyone else though. You may even want to try to be creative and write a story or poetry. Of course, summer is a great time to hire a private tutor for that special one on one time in what ever subject(s) you may need help with. Enjoy the summer adventures.


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