Be well rested before the test

I just experienced a critical reminder regarding the importance of rest before a test. After working all day on the computer, I decided to take the SAT Writing test on WyzAnt to certify as a tutor. I had just passed the reading portion and was confident the writing portion would be within my range. After all, my degree is in English. I have passed many previous writing tests, including the SAT writing portion, and I received A's on many college essays. The assistant principal at a high school I taught 10th grade English for once stated, "You're a writing coach." Writing is one of my strengths. However, I missed the certification by one question. I second guessed myself on two of the questions and changed my correct answers for incorrect answers. My weakness was not in the actual structure of the writing, but in terms I had forgotten. Being to tired to recall the terms or clearly think about my answers was my downfall. There are no retakes for this certification. I can not go back, study a little more, and retest. Although you may be able to retest on the actual SAT, there will be many tests in which you can not. Besides that, who wants to have to spend all that time doing it again.

Go in fresh to do your best. Rest before you test.



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