We are asked to write 4^3.8.16 as a power of 2.

4^3 is 64. We start dividing 64 by 2 until we get to 1 as follows:64/2=32/2=16/2=8/2=4/2=2/2=1. This is equal to:^6

We do the same with other numbers: 8=2.2.2=2^3 16=^4. Now we write the factors as follows: 2^6.2^3.2^4=2^13. As you see we have changed the above to 2^13.

Write 2^8.16^3.64 as power of 4. Here we need to start dividing by 4.



64=(4^3). Now we can write this as follows:4^4.4^6.4^3=4^13.


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