Word problem

A piece of wire 120 cm is to be cut into two pieces and those pieces are each to be bent to make a square. The length of a side of one square is to be 2cm greater than the length of a side of the other. How should the wire be cut? We have two squares. The total wire is 120cm. We write the equation as follows:The perimeter of the one of the square is : 4(x+2). The perimeter of the other is: 4x

So we need to add these two perimeters which have to be equal to 120cm.

4(x+2)+4x=120. We solve this equation and we find x to be 14. For one of the square we need 14+2=16 for each side. The perimeter then is: 16.4=64. The other square is 4.14=56. So the wire has to be cut in 64 and 56 cm.


Mohammad M.

Math is an enjoyable, fun subject for everyone.

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