There is a question in all of our minds on what faith really is...well for starters we all have been given a measure of faith, and without faith it is impossible to please God for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Now lets say that you are really believing God for something to happen and it does not happen, I mean you are really putting down a prayer and a half and you are trusting God with all of your might and still it seems impossible...well you let go of the impossibility that you feel and you allow yourself to say...okay God...what I am believing you for is way bigger than me...they tell me you are this great big God who can do anything..well can you do this for me?

Now a part of faith is realizing that the things you hope for will be the evidence that you cannot see, so let go...think of this, is there a friend that you can trust to stand behind you? And can you tell that individual if I fall backwards will you catch me? Now...if that individual without playing really loves you...he or she or they without a shadow of a doubt never let you fall.

Faith does the same thing...How? Listen even though there are things that you are believing God for and it does not happen when you want it does not mean that it will not happen it just means that God knows what is best for you...but the part where prayers don't get answered is because you get mad at how could you get mad at someone who can change your world to gladness or miracles in a moment...think of the word God...God is someone you cannot command or control...even though you get or have gotten angry he never pushed the zap button...why because he loves and wants the best for you and with the measure he has already put inside of it's time to BELIEVE. allows you stand in your faith and believe that even though it did not happen today, the direction you are going in life will lead you to the very thing that you have been praying for....Remember there are many streets but different directions the key is getting there believe have faith give it to God and watch him do what you cannot do on your own...that is what I call Real Faith.



Sandra W.

A Certified Biblical Instructor

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