Violent Behavior in Children

We have heard about bullying and violence in schools endlessly in recent years. I don't remember it being this bad when I was in elementary, middle or high school. Do you?

I do remember the desire of wanting to fit in during these years. I also remember the awkward feeling of not knowing who I was or what I wanted to become. I was also teased by other students for one thing or another. It never got to the point where it escalated to being bullied.

I think the feelings and emotions that children have in a particular age group are similar. It's how they react to these feelings is what sets them apart. Also, what is being accepted by authorities, parents, classmates and themselves has changed over time. It's become okay to torment and bully for what a child is feeling. Bullying may bring on a feeling of empowerment and control during a time when children are confused and trying to make sense of the world while dealing with pressures from all angles. The extent that bully-ers (is this even a word?) go to is beyond belief. Instead of taking out aggression on another child, children should learn how to deal with negative emotions and problems in a positive manner. School administration and parents need to accept and deal with problem at its onset. Maybe punishment isn't the only or best method of dealing with this. Perhaps schools can start a program to help both the child being bullied and the child doing the bullying understand each other?

Something needs to be done about this.


Kinal P.

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