Nursing is a Wonderful Career

Nursing, in my opinion, is the best profession in the entire world. In the last 27 years of being an RN I have been able to travel, care for people from around the world, learn about others and learn a lot about myself. I have had the honor of being the first set of hands to welcome a life into the world and the honor of being the last set of hands held as life ended. It is a tough, fast-paced, exciting, frustrating, challenging, and fulfilling career.

But nursing school can be quite challenging and learning so much in such a little time can be very demanding. As I have seen older students return to school to become a nurse or experienced nurses returning to obtain advanced degrees, I felt that by tutoring those students who need a little extra TLC, encouragement and a look at the subject matter a bit differently I could not only help the person, I can also give back to my profession.

I know that my entire life, even if I "retire", I will be a nurse, there's no such thing as as "I used to be a nurse". Nursing is who you are, not what you do!

And as the nuns taught me years ago, "Nurses' hands do God's work here on Earth". What can be better than that?


Lorraine H.

Experienced, Caring RN and Educator Ready to Help You Succeed

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