Elementary K-5 and High School



I'm in the process of becoming certified in science and math subjects. As I continue adding certifications, please check back if there is a subject on my list that is not in bold type right now and you are looking for assistance. Bold type means I am certified to help you with that subject. The process takes a few days for the website to update after I've completed my examinations. Right now, I'm most interested in taking on new students that require some assistance with writing skills. I am very interested in those of you that are working toward higher education and English is not your native language. I do have experience in this area and can be a great resource for high school and undergraduates with research papers, essays and presentations.

My strengths working with adults: proofreading research papers, reports and essays, providing feedback regarding content and proper essay form, powerpoint presentations for speech or other college classes along with some creative writing experience. Do you like to write but just don't feel confident? I can help you by being your audience for your next speech, reading your draft assignments for English composition courses and providing necessary feedback which will enable you to make appropriate editing decisions and finalize your paper. Research is also one of my strengths, from library reference to internet research. I can help you learn the difference between MLA and APA citations and when to use each in your bibliography.

Please try to contact me at least 1-2 weeks before your research paper or essays are due. Leave time for scheduling a mutually convenient time to meet for the writing review session and you will be very happy you did. Wyzant has a great policy for first time sessions and as long as you get set up with the website, it is easy and affordable to get the help you need. If you are looking for someone to rewrite your paper for you, please realize that this service is not for that purpose. I am not an expert, however, my 4.0 GPA in English composition I & II, Technical Writing, Speech and a variety of other courses that were writing intensive has provided me with a rich experience you will benefit from. My past work history as an Executive Legal Secretary for 4 years in Gainesville has alot to do with my knack for seeing typos, missing punctuation, misspelled words and incorrect grammar. After personally processing over 420 real estate lawsuits during my tenure with Florida Woodland Group, Inc., I understood why my boss became a millionaire. I also learned exactly what it takes for someone that works 40+ hours per week drafting, proofing, editing and printing legal documents to get carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. Yes, you do need to use an ergonomic keyboard if you are working on the computer constantly!

After three hand surgeries and a new lease on life, I returned to college to complete the AA degree I began before my children were born. Graduating with Honors last Spring, I've continued my education and am majoring in Science Education. I'll be teaching biology, chemistry, anatomy & physiology and probably microbiology and environmental science. For this reason, you'll see several subjects that I will be certified in the near future (as time permits). In the meantime, I am working part-time assisting others with their children or adults that need another set of eyes to review their projects, research reports and essays. I'll schedule an appointment with you for an hour in a local library (I reserve the study group rooms for privacy) and do whatever I can to help you complete your objectives. Please contact me with any questions you may have via the Wyzant email. There is absolutely no obligation. Hope I can be of service!

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