Why I Tutor

I got involved with WyzAnt in January of 2012. I had just started my graduate degree in education and was teaching part time at a local college. I really enjoyed helping my students learn and gain confidence and I wanted to build up my experience.

I looked into a lot of different tutoring companies and found WyzAnt to be the easiest to use and highly regulated. So I signed up!

I've had great experience so far and love helping my students. That is really the best part of it for me. When I get to help someone work through a problem, learn new study skills, understand concepts and improve their test scores/average, that makes my day! I'm really not in this for the money. I love the positive benefit my students can have from tutoring and I'm glad to be a part of that!


Kate Z.

Knowledgable and Experienced Tutor

400+ hours
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