How much time for tutoring?

If you're new to using a tutor, you might be wondering, how much time per week, or per session should I spend with a tutor? That can depend on your needs. If you are pretty confident with your material and just want that extra boost, an hour might be all you need. I find that with most of my students an hour and a half is optimal. Most students need the one-on-one personal touch to help explain what is going on in class, to catch up with things, to practice test taking, and to have an extra boost of explanation and work on material during that hour and a half. It's just enough time to summarize from the previous week, check in with how the week has gone, practice 10 to 20 exam questions, move into the learning experience for the session and then debrief and/or assign work for the week.

Meeting at least once a week is sensible and meeting twice a week is best! Getting an extra 3 hours of support during the week amidst your scheduling is optimal and doable for most students. Working on your own at home is also recommended as I already know the material and can't take the test for you! Darn! Ultimately, it's what you do on your own that will make your time in tutoring successful. You owe it to yourself!! You've come this far by reaching out for help, go the extra step and secure your success!


Kate Z.

Knowledgable and Experienced Tutor

400+ hours
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