I can't finish the Reading portion of the ACT in the time allowed!

The number one complaint I hear from students about the Reading section of the ACT is that they can't finish in the time allowed. The best strategy to improve your timing is to READ EVERY DAY!!!! The more you read, the faster you read with greater comprehension. Reading on a daily basis also exposes you to STANDARD WRITTEN ENGLISH. This is the type of writing you are tested on in the English portion of the test, so reading daily benefits you in two ways. I recommend magazines such as Time, Newsweek and Reader's Digest. Why? Because they contain articles that mirror the type of content in the essays on the Reading portion of the ACT: humanities, social science, natural science, and in the case of prose fiction, you will find short stories in Reader's Digest. Exposure to this type of content material will help you understand what to "read for" on the test.


Laura G.

English/Earth & Environmental Science/ACT Test Prep

20+ hours
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