My teacher doesn't use our textbook

Over and over I hear from students that their teachers don't require them to use their textbooks; instead the teacher uses power point presentations and has students take notes. Here is the problem with that way of thinking. MOST students don't take really good notes which makes it difficult to complete homework or to study for tests. THINK OF YOUR TEXTBOOK AS YOUR BEST FRIEND. It is the go to guy for those questions you need help answering. Your textbook includes the curriculum that your teacher is required to cover, hence it has the answers within its pages. Your teachers tend to follow the flow of the textbook for the order of their lessons, so if you take the time to read the chapter that comes after what you are currently studying, you will already have some knowledge about the material your teacher will be presenting next. This makes note taking so much easier and gives you a heads up on material you may find confusing which, in turn, allows you the opportunity to ask your teacher relevant questions. Additionally, when you are given a study guide, your textbook is an additional reference to use to look up material that you didn't write down in the notes you should have taken.



Laura G.

English/Earth & Environmental Science/ACT Test Prep

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