Repetition,Visualization and Graphing Are Very Important Instructional Aids!

Often, teachers and tutors have students who just aren't achieving success when it comes to reading and comprehension. Sometimes, young students are simply not interested in what they are reading or they hurry to read something failing to fully ingest the important points and content that lies within the text of what they are reading. That is where tutors and teachers have to step in and find unique and resourceful instructional strategies that will help students to make a clear connection with the literature that they are reading in the classroom. When approaching students who are struggling with reading comprehension in the classroom, there are numerous strategies that can be used to help them to have a clearer understanding of what they are reading. For example, students may see a large word within the text of a story and have no idea what that word means or how it relates to the story. Simple flash cards with difficult words written on each card and their meanings written on the other cards will help students to visualize and grasp new vocabulary words that are introduced within a text. Students can visually see the word and learn how to connect the new word with its meaning by matching the word with its correct meaning. Often, students are learning about an important person in a class that is not necessarily a Reading or English class. For example, a student could be learning about a former President such as Ronald Reagan in a Social Studies or American History class. There is a lot of pertinent and important information about the former President, however how can a teacher or tutor help students to grasp all of the important facts and concepts associated with a famous person or political figure? The answer is easy! The teacher or tutor can use a Venn diagram to list important aspects of that person's life. The teacher or tutor would list the important person's name and then, list important points of that particular person's life such as birth, death, spouses, children, important speeches, important historical events, and so on. These items can be found by research that involves the use of encyclopedias, biography books, online websites and magazine articles. By listing important facts and ideas found within the text of books and online materials, students can begin to grasp ideas and facts that they need to remember about that particular person. In a sense, students are repeating over and over what they have already read, but by putting these items down in writing and being able to visualize what they have read, they can begin to piece together important concepts and ideas and enhance learning.


Sherri G.

Tutoring K-8th and Above in English, Reading and Other Subjects

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